Sarah Takashima (Takashima Chijimi fabric)

Made in Takashima, Shiga, Japan, "Takashima Chijimi" is a natural and breathable fabric which is very comfortable on the skin.

Director/camera/editing: Ciel Liu
Drone crew: Biyori (Okayama)


Shimane: Hidden treasure of Japan

Located on the western tip of Japan's main island, Shimane Prefecture is far away from the buzz and life of Tokyo and other big cities. In Shimane, traditional culture is still embedded in people's daily life, and the spirit is being continued by a group of craftsman from Izumono, local communities, historical places and traditional businesses. We wish you can experience this unique culture experience with the people of Shimane, Japan.

Director/camera: Ciel Impression / Camera/editing: Chris Rudz and Andrej Rudz / Coordinator: Yukino Matsumoto



Japan Brand Festival 2017
Brining together a world of brands and makers to discuss the new definition of Japan Brand in an open-minded space.

Director: Ciel Liu / Camera: Ciel Liu and Matt De Souza / Video Editing: Ono Shintaro

TCI Laboratory

TCI stands for 'Tradition is Continuing Innovation.
TCI Laboratory specialises in connecting Japanese traditional crafts to foreign designers and markets to give them new life.

Directed and Filmed by:  Ciel Liu
Video Edited by: Shintaro Ono

KYO 共 

KYO is a collaboration project between the craftsmen of Kanto region, Japan, and Singaporean designers.

Organised by: Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI Japan. 
Supported by: DesignSingapore Council
Curator: Jackson Tan, BLACK
Project Management/Coordinators: 
Mikiharu Yabe, Agent Hamyak Inc.
Takuya Hotta, Culture Generation Japan Co., Ltd

Film and directed by:  Ciel Liu
Photography: Ciel Liu (Ciel Impression) / Yang Tan / Jun Takai

TV contents: Producing / Filming / Writing

新加坡 新传媒 8 频道 《晨光第一线》日本餐具之都 精美餐具让用餐变得赏心悦目

Morning Express, Channel 8, MediaCorp, Singapore.

"Tsubame-Sanjo, the cutlery capital of Japan"


新加坡 新传媒 8 频道 《晨光第一线》日本新潟县 鱼米之乡的鲜美味增及爽口清酒

Morning Express, Channel 8, MediaCorp, Singapore.

"Niigata Miso and Sake"


新加坡 新传媒 U 频道 《世界一周》 德国哥隆手工装帧艺术

World This Week, Channel U, MediaCorp, Singapore.

"Bookbinder in Cologne, Germany keeping hundred years of tradition alive."


新加坡 新传媒 U 频道 《世界一周》秩父夜祭 与 蚕丝文化

World This Week, Channel U, MediaCorp, Singapore.

"Japan Chichibu Night Matsuri and Silk Culture."


新加坡 新传媒 U 频道 《世界一周》日本京都传统工艺

World This Week, Channel U, MediaCorp, Singapore.

"Kyoto's traditional craftsmen collaborate with European designers."



新加坡 新传媒 U 频道 《世界一周》中国临时演员生

World This Week, Channel U, MediaCorp, Singapore.

" Life of a film extra in Beijing, China."